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Our Social Balance for the year 2009 is ready...

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Il Noce has chosen to confront itself with a vast area of services which is not a casual choice for our community. Children in fact have the central role in our projects. Children represent the future of our society, but they also represent our present. Children need to be properly educated, they need to grown up in a safe peaceful environment so that they can have ethical values to affront life at its best.




[CASA MAMMA-BAMBINO] - The mother & child home project of Il Noce

We provide temporary shelter to maximum 3 mother’s at a time with their children. In this safe-home they will be followed by a qualified member of our staff that will help them in the education of their child/children.




What is a long distance adoption?

Long distance adoptions start in the USA in 1958 in order to support orphans in Birmania. Today, these projects operate especially through large international organizations occupied in the safeguarding of children and their rights.

Our association “Il Noce” in collaboration with the association “La Gabbianella” for various years has been participating in projects that contribute to bettering the dramatically tragic situation of poverty that millions of children have to cope with: lack of food, schooling, healthcare, in the southern countries of the world. Our projects aim to help support these needy groups of people and accompany them so that they will be able to eventually “take care of themselves”.

What we do….

The nuns of the Provvidenza work in many poor countries, they advise us which projects we should contribute to, according to where our help is most necessary. We provide food, clothing, shelter, schooling and health care to numerous children all over the world.

What you can do:

- you can join a communitarian project, doing so you will receive at your home information regarding the progress of the project that you have chosen to support. Our projects are tax deductible.

How much does it cost?

A long distance adoption costs 320 euro per year or 160 every six months. The prices take already into consideration the 9, 60 euro postal fees.

To find out more come and visit us at Casarsa (PN), in Via Vittorio Veneto n, 45 or phone us: 0434 870062




Contains many books that deal with problems regarding minors and families. Here are a few numbers: we have a total of 6.686 books and the number is in constant growth.

Visit our catalogue at

This library was especially created for a double purpose: on one side the need to join together all of what we have learned and catalogued over our 20 years of experience, and on the other side provide the public with the opportunity to consult all of our information. This library is constantly renewed and kept up to date with the latest research in Social studies, psychology, sociology, drug abuse, law books, children story books and much more. In this library we also store newspapers and a copy of all our projects, including detailed prospects on how we spend our donated funds.

The books can be read in the library or borrowed through the library of the municipality of Casarsa.



[DOPOSCUOLA] - After school programmes:

This programme aims to help children and young adolescents in high school that need help with their school homework. We assure that our volunteers have a constant and responsible presence in tutoring the child that they are assigned to for the whole school year. Our after school programme has the collaboration of the elementary and middle school of Casarsa and runs from Monday -Friday from 14:30 – 17:30 or from 15-18.



[ADOZIONE] - Adoptive family programmes

Couples that decide to adopt a child often feel the need to share their experience with other couples that find or have found themselves in the same wonderful yet also difficult situation. Our association recognizes the importance of a stable family and we believe that every child needs a family. Since January 2000 we have been helping provide information to couples that would like to adopt a child.



[PROGETTO AFFIDO FAMILIARE] - Foster home projects

Il Noce according to article 1 and 2 of law 184/83 and 149/2001 recognize that every child has the right to be educated in a family and if for some reason their “official family” is not at the moment capable of doing so then the though of inserting the child momentarily in a foster family steps into the spotlight. Our association works together with Social Services assuring that the children are inserted into safe foster homes where they will be taken care of.

Every year Il Noce organizes courses dedicated to the legal, social, psychological aspects of foster homing from the point of view of the child and the foster family.

For more information call us: (+39) 0434 870062
Or send us an e-mail: