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Our Social Balance for the year 2009 is ready...

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Il Noce
Volunteer association
On the children’s side



The Association “Il Noce”

Is an ONLUS volunteer association with more than 20 years of experience. It is made up of people of various ages that have at heart the well being of children and the prevention of problems regarding minors and adolescents. Every volunteer of our work group contributes according to their personal capabilities and competency.

We believe:
In the importance of children, in values such as family, charity, sharing. These values are at the base of humanity, and need to be inserted in day to day life.

We commit
Ourselves to all of the needs of the association “Il Noce”, such as collecting economical and financial resources. We prepare our volunteer group to do the best job possible. We commit ourselves to after school programmes, family support groups for foster children and adopted children, long distance adoptions, community homes for young mothers in difficulty, and food distribution for families in difficulty.

We dedicate
Ourselves to children, adolescents, and families of different kinds from foster homes to families where there are adopted children that are in difficulty and in need of help.



We would like to become
A safe place that stimulates personal growth, capable of promoting different forms of charity and good actions. We would like to be a modern association, in constant growth always up to date but with a constantly present base of values.

We dream
That one day our presence will no longer be necessary because we will have been capable of having transmitted our ethic and social values to the rest of the population that will then therefore take our place…





Associazione di volontariato onlus "IL NOCE" - Via Vittorio Veneto, 45 - CASARSA della Delizia 33072 (PN) - C.F. 91008530932